off and gone


mark_offandgonecoffeeWanted to thank the folks who have posted coffee to Ireland, can’t believe your kindness, in my hour of need.
I’m too dramatic I know but it was so so kind of you.
My mum is moving out of her house to make room, ‘we all have to make sacrifices’!! (:

Off to the UK for shows, I’ll send pictures. I promise

Then to the mighty Czech Republic.
For festive times and to Brno

Record is getting out there and being well received which is so wonderful.
I am no more deserving of praise than another but it does make me happy that’s it’s finding a home, a place.

All love n see soon

Not even sure if I can finish this blog.


There’s much :)
I remember trying to study as a child. As I could hear the cheers of my brothers, watching football or tennis.
Now here we are again
I can’t concentrate
Thank u to everyone for texting in, calling radio stations
And coming to the shows.
Get Here has been friendly with the rteĀ  playlist still
And there is the bunny video with the new single ahead
Help from folks in other countries
Is always welcome, calling radio or talking about the record and gigs
Much appreciated

There a few more shows in Ireland before I leave
In cork and Galway
Then I go to the uk.
Glasgow, Liverpool and a charity event in Preston. Which we can get you details of.

Then straight to the Czech republic. For festival and a show in Brno
Doing a workshop with my drummer
About song writing
Then I’m home to
Dublin for a show in the axis in ballymun.
Not the axis of evil…. No no

And the tall ships.
And then to Germany.
Berlin for four shows
And koln
All good places. And great great people.

I love you.
Keep fighting, stay positive.