Morning folks.

mark_johnmiddlehamMorning folks.

Haven’t blogged and said hello in awhile.
Really there’s a fine line between information and being an annoying shithead. :-))

I’ll always try lean to the info.

Had lots of emails about the record release in Ireland.

End of march. For the good people. Getting to shops etc.

Thank you to Waterford for the festival.

March is radio shows and promo month me thinks.

Adding a little tour around the country as we go.

If there’s places I’m wanted let us know.

The Czech rep.
Early April.

Dingle, co Kerry

Art centre in maynooth.

Late April.

Back to NYC. In may. For an Irish art centre show too.

Means alot your out there.

I’ll come find you.

Get through your Tuesday.

All gig and music blogs and video stuff.

All love


(photo by John Middleham)

Mark on Irish Beats

On Sunday Mark visited Rob O’Connor at Irish Beats on The Beat in Waterford. You can listen to the interview and songs here at Rob’s Podcast! Also available soon at iTunes.

In Rob’s opinion (which doesn’t count for much), Mark Geary is the finest singer/songwriter currently working today, so he was delighted when Mark dropped by to chat about his most recent album “Songs About Love, Songs ABout Leaving”, his upcoming performance at the Gealach Gorm festival and treat us to no less than THREE acoustic tunes. Also, find out about Mark’s brush with Christopher Walken in a sexy low-budget horror shlock film. The man’s a legend.

Vital Signs

A little something for your Sunday, a song from Mark at home. Vital Signs from the new record.